10. Is It Moe? Spring 2016 Closer

The Spring season has ended and Alby, Mary, DJ, and Popcans need to see if any of the anime they watched was actually worth it. Send Emails: Romsbag@gmail.com Intro Song: Four, Floss, Five, Six by Blue Ducks Outro:Pipo Password by TeddyLoid feat. Bonjour Suzuk https://ia800305.us.archive.org/35/items/RomsOverBaghdad/10IsitMoe.mp3 Download Here!!

57. Roms Over E3 2016

Hey E3 is over so let’s talk about all the news, video games, and other silly things that happened. Send us your questions: Romsbag@gmail.com News of the Week : Austin Walker Leaves Giant Bomb for EIC Position of New Vice Games Vertical Xbox One S announced for August release at

56. I can see the E3 future!!

E3 is coming up and we had a pretty messed up podcast last week so we are gonna try to double stuff this podcast with everything from last week and all the future soothsaying you can handle. Send us your soothsayings: Romsbag@gmail.com News of the Week: Report: Microsoft to Release More