DJ and his favourite 21 kpop songs from 2018

The time of year has rolled around where people start making lists of things and so therefore it is my civic duty to create one too. In this article please enjoy below what I thought were the best kpop songs of 2018.


Mesoian's Top 10 Games of 2016

10. Inside Surprises in games are always more than welcome in this new modern age of the predictable 5 act story that is video games en-masse. And while there isn’t much different between Inside and it’s predecessor Limbo in terms of gameplay, Inside gives a masterclass on visual storytelling and


Pokémon Go in Rural Areas

        So Pokémon Go has come out for mobile phones, and everyone seems to be going crazy for it. It will be interesting to see how long the craze for it lasts, but for right now it is pretty much everywhere. Even I, who has voiced major


Rapid’s Favorite Games of 2015

Rapid is the guild leader of the Warframe Guild (Giant Bomb Alliance), a fan of the site, and a luminary of every community he is a part of. Bug him about how to get involved or what hes up to on twitter @JWRapid


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