11. Is it Moe? Summer 2016 Opener

What is a bananya and which anime has the best beach episode are the pressing questions as Alby, Mary, Shawn, and DJ discuss the summer anime of 2016. Send us your emails: Romsbag@gmail.com Intro Song: Four, Floss, Five, Six by Blue Ducks Outro Song: “99” by MOB CHOIR https://ia600305.us.archive.org/35/items/RomsOverBaghdad/isitmoe11.mp3 Download Here!!

59. Pokemon Going

This Week: Pokemon Go has taken over the entire world, the law of gravity is being broken, train law is being violated, and we are just over here playing golf with your friends. Send your questions: Romsbag@gmail.com News of the Week: Summer Games Done Quick 2016 has completed with a donation

58. Rub it in

Alby, Jake and Mary talk about the steam sales, twitch social eating, punch clubs, and blowing fingers off with fireworks. DJ also sneaks in near the end to talk about the last Splatfest. Send us emails: Romsbag@gmail.com News this week: Blizzard hiring for new Diablo series director, after previous director since