64. Fancy Dresses

This week on the Romscast we talk about Regency Solitaire, Titanfall 2, Final Fantasy Kingsglaive and Mario at the Olympics. Send us your emails: Romsbag@gmail.com News This Week: PlayStation Now Coming to PC, DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor Unveiled ‘No Man’s Sky’: Steam, Sony, And Amazon Begin Issuing Refunds, Regardless Of

63. Babe Ruth

The romcast is a weird place this week with Metal Gear Survive getting announced, Alby having beat persona 3, DJ becoming a AAA baseball player and emails actually showing up in the inbox. Send us your emails: Romsbag@gmail.com News This Week: Unannounced PS4 Slim up for auction in UK  More

12. Is it Moe? Mid Summer 2016

The summer is more than half way over now so Mary, Alby, Shawn , and DJ wanted to talk about how the season of anime has been going. Send us your emails: Romsbag@gmail.com News: Make Your Dojinshi at 7-Eleven Stores Regalia Anime Halts Broadcast after Episode 4, will restart airing

62. The Sky's the limit

This Week: Mary is back from Classic Game Fest, Jake and Alby have entered a unreal tournament, and DJ has become the star baseball player of a small Texas View postteam. Send us Emails: Romsbag@gmail.com News this week: No Man’s Sky PC version pushed back to August 12th, Extensive Day

61. Renegade Nintendo

Rumors abound in this weeks episode as Alby, Jake, and DJ talk discuss the Nintendo NX rumors, PlayStation Vita hacks, and adventures in capitalism. Send us emails: Romsbag@gmail.com News of the Week: PS Vita hacked: full system access enabled for homebrew Nintendo NX is portable console with detachable controllers, connects