70. Nintendo Switch

Short podcast this week as we focus in on the Nintendo Switch announcement, Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Voice Actor Strike. Send us emails: Romsbag@gmail.com News this week: First Look at Nintendo Switch Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Game Actors for All: Voice Acting Strike. Message from Steve Blum

69. Teeheehee

In this episode we discuss how free to play games are evil yet  plan how we will spend our money on the Halloween Overwatch skins. We also discuss how the Wii U still has good games and detail if you should play Forza Horizon 3 now. Send us emails: Romsbag@gmail.com

68. The Pod

This Week: The crew talks about tabletop board games, Forza Horizon 3, CS:GO sprays, and Jake is shocked to find out that Bioshock 2 had multiplayer. Send us your emails: Romsbag@gmail.com News of the Week: Mods and 4K Coming to PlayStation 4 for Skyrim and Fallout 4 Washington State Gambling Commission:

67. A Slippery Slope

This week we talk about Princess Maker 2, Virginia, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and the changes that are coming to esports and twitch. Send us emails: Romsbag@gmail.com News this Week: Uploads Open Beta: Help shape the future of Uploads on Twitch Twitch now part of Amazon Prime. Ad-free viewing and free