Romcast TV Special

Alby, Shawn, Zach, and DJ get off topic and talk about all the crazy TV news from the last few days and then tell you what they are watching. Tell us what you like to watch: Intro: Son of Rocket Download Here!!

125. Lobster Waffles

Alby, DJ, Zar, Shawn talk this week about Witcher 3, Stardew Valley Multiplayer, Rage 2, and Restaurants we like to go to. Send your questions to: News this Week: Nintendo Switch Online Service Detailed GameStop CEO Michael Mauler Abruptly Resigns After Three Months Bethesda tweets most obvious Rage 2

28. Is it Moe? Spring Fling 2018

The Moecast is back fresh as a daisy and ready to talk about all the new shows of the 2018 Spring Anime Season. We also get into all the new streaming services and which ones are worth it for the anime viewer. Send emails to News: Director, Studio Ghibli Co-Founder

123. Papa Kratos

On this week’s podcast we become Gods of War, Rainbow Six Operatives, famous Twitch Streamers, Cat Kings and Robot Miners. Send questions to News this Week: Campo Santo Acquired by Valve Call of Duty will not have single play Sega Mega Drive Mini Announced Shenmue 1 and 2 being

Marvel Movie Showdown: Thor

Cyber join Pop and Thouddin to talk about the god of thunder mighty Thor and his evil brother Loki. Where will this one end up in the rankings? The Official Ranking Document Intro Song Buy the Movie Download Here!!

122. On Drums

Optix is back from Pax and ready to tell Jake and Alby about his adventures in the land of Boston. We also talk about Deep Rock Galactic, Phones, and Billy Mitchell. Send your questions to: News this Week: Guinness officially removes all of Billy Mitchell’s records, including his perfect

2. Tiger Bombs Over Baghdad

The wrestling crew have gotten back together to talk to you for three hours about Wrestling Mania, Golden Lovers, Wrestling Fan Fiction, and all the other wrestling you can handle. Send your questions to: Music: Kid Rock – Cowboy Download Here!!