205. We all Scream for Ice Cream

This week we have ice cream on our mind as we talk about balling in Hyperscape, farming in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, Racing in Trackmania 2020, and Watch Dogging in Watch Dogs Legion. Romsbag@gmail.com for your questions. News this Week: Microsoft discontinues Xbox One X and Xbox

204. Dig Dug is Mr. Drillers Dad!

This week we get a cup of coffee in Pokemon Cafe, shoot creepers at range in Minecraft Dungeons, jump jet some battletech mechs, and wonder at the marvels of websites from the early 2000s. Email Address for Questions: Romsbag@gmail.com News this Week:   Microsoft is shutting down Mixer and partnering

203. Skate 4

This week Mary has a new cat, Alby killed a Ender Dragon, DJ got blown away in a radiation storm, Steam is having a Game Festival, and EA is boring us. Romsbag@gmail.com is the email address News this Week: EA Play 2020 Upload VR Showcase 2020 Magic Leap’s lawsuit against

201. Yao Ming taller than VR

This week DJ and Alby get together to talk about losing at Xcom 2, Minecrafting, Google Earth VR, sky watching in Destiny 2, and the GLORY OF MICROSOFT BINGO. Romsbag@gmail.com is the email address for question based emails. News this Week: Destiny 2 just blew up a big spaceship really

200. The Big 2 0 0

On this the 200th episode we talk about Phantasy Star Online 2, Valorant, Sakura Wars, and Madden 20 before reflecting on the journey we took to get to the 200th episode. We also talk about some of our favorite moments along the way. Send some emails Romsbag@gmail.com News this Week:

199. Streets of Sakura Tactics

This week another Mary and Alby pod where we talk about cats, Streets of Rage 4, Gears Tactics, FF7 Remake Spoilers, and the Wars of Sakura. Romsbag@gmail.com is the email address for your question based questions News this Week: Sony has identified individuals responsible for The Last of Us Part

198. Mini Thanksgiving

This week we talk about Picross Puzzles, K.K. Slider, Half Life Alyx Spoilers, and finally give into our inner Monopoly capitalist before the bright ray tracing light in the sky saves our poor unfortunate souls. Romsbag@gmail.com is the email address for your questions. Rumor: PS5 and Xbox Series X reveal

197. Fish Tacos

Another duo podcast this week with Alby and Mary who get a chance to dish on FF7 Remake, Animal Crossing, Long Dark, and 1986’s Platoon. Spoiler Warning for FF7 Remake Romsbag@gmail.com send your questions News this Week: Gamescom 2020 cancelled / digital “Gamescom: Opening Night Live”  Sony, Sega say PC

196. Don’t talk about Zipper

This week Final Fantasy has come on this bunny day of 2020 we also talk about Resident Evil Resistance and Doom Eternal. Romsbag@gmail.com is the place for your questions. News this Week: As E3’s online event dies, others step in with digital events for gaming Intro Song: Black Knight 2000 Pinball