Roms Over Baghdad actually plays video games!

So winter is approaching and we are currently in Fall/Autumn which can only mean one thing: the RomsCrew are going to decide to play Video Games! And why not slide in an excuse to do it by playing video games for charity.

Yes that is correct, Extra life is happening again on November 7th and the RomsCast team is assembling to chip in our effort for the kids. Jake, DJ, Mary and Alby are all planning to raise monies for their local hospitals (in DJs case he just randomly chose one of the hospitals the other guys were playing for).

If you are unaware, Extra Life is a charity drive perfectly aimed for our team which involves playing video games for 24 hours and we hassle all our friends and families and listeners to chip in a buck or two (or 10) all in the name of getting sick kids better.

We will be regularly updating this post along with our Extra Life sponsor pages listed below with times, what we will be playing and some of us will even have donation incentives! So please follow these links, give us money and watch us slowly lose our minds while shooting some dudes and probably scoring some car soccer goals.

Marys Page: Click Me!

Albys Page: This link now arrived and you should click it!

DJs Page: No Click Me!

Jakes Page: Click me if you want

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