53. The Overwatch Edition

First I want to say sorry about the audio quality, for some reason mumble wanted to record everything starting with a massive noise spike for some reason and there was no easy way for me to remove them.

This Week:millennial_main-557x274-c

The crew is missing Thouddin so we draft in special guest Rapid to come on and discuss his games that he has been playing throughout the week and give us the hot strats on how to properly play Overwatch. WE also talk about Overwatch, the characters of Overwatch and the fun times we all had in Overwatch. I guess Mary also played some other games like Granblue and Grand Kingdom but they are not Overwatch!

We also rushed through these news topics so we could talk more about Overwatch:

We can be reached either on out twitter @Romsbag or through email via romsbag@gmail.com.

Intro Song: Ass Ass in a Go Go (Pimpstrut Local #13) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (off the album “Music for film, not porn”)
Outro Song: Chill Or Be Chilled ft Nitty Scott (The Polish Ambassador) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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