34: Extra Video Game Life

This week: The Romscast crew is joined by  Rain_1 to talk about all the games that were played during extra life including , but not limited to Dead Island, Life is Strange, Xcom, Year Walk and Read Only Memories. Send in your questions: Romsbag@gmail.com Topics: Blizzard Will No Longer Report World of

33: Clue Versus Cluedo.

This Week: A little PlayStation Event happened down in the old Paris Games Week and we are going to talk about it. Also we get into a pretty heated argument about why certain people (DJ) thinks Clue is called Cluedo when it so obviously is not. Send us questions: Romsbag@gmail.com All the

32: Rotating Xzibit

This Week: The Roms Crew talks about all the news they missed during the dark anime days and explain the importance of being able to laugh at certain parts of the game’s industry lest you be consumed by it. Send us questions: Romsbag@gmail.com All the news stories we talked about:

31: Unlimited Cheese Curds

This week: Robot versions of the Roms Crew take over to talk about the trap that is Long John Silvers, why Armello is a great game, and why Microsoft would buy Havok. Email: romsbag@gmail.com Intro Music: The Prodigy – “Stand Up” Outro Music: The Lift “The Lift” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

30: Eating Pig People

This Week: We talk about John Cena’s terrible taste in music, why you always flip the metal switch when dealing with girls who talk to mushrooms, and if eating a person that has been turned into a pig counts as cannibalism. Send us questions: romsbag@gmail.com Intro Music: The Prodigy –