Is it Moe? Anime of the Year Awards 2018

Welcome to Is it Moe’s Anime of the Year Awards .We will discuss our picks for the categories of Best Opening, Best Ending, Best Looking, Most Disappointing, and the titular category of Anime of the Year. is the email address Live Video Archive Download Here!!

32. Is it Moe? Fall Anime Takeover

This fall Shawn has taken over the hosting seat as we get together to talk about SSSS.Gridman, Zombieland Saga, Karakuri Circus, IRODUKU – The World in Colors, and a ton more. Our email address for questions is: Anime Order Music by HookSounds Download Here!!  

20. Is it Moe? Spring 2017 Wrap Up

Join Popcans, Alby, Mary, and DJ as they talk about what they liked from the Spring Anime Season and pick the anime they are most excited for in the upcoming summer season. Send us your questions: News this Week: HIDIVE Anime Streaming Service Launches With Legend of the Galactic Heroes

11. Is it Moe? Summer 2016 Opener

What is a bananya and which anime has the best beach episode are the pressing questions as Alby, Mary, Shawn, and DJ discuss the summer anime of 2016. Send us your emails: Intro Song: Four, Floss, Five, Six by Blue Ducks Outro Song: “99” by MOB CHOIR Download Here!!