84. Persona Monday

We are back after a break to talk about Persona 5, PUGB, Snake Pass and of course all the hot news we missed. Send us your questions: Romsbag@gmail.com News this Week: Scorpio info – Q&A with Spencer Microsoft to offer Self-Service Refunds for Xbox One & Win10 Nintendo Discontinues the

79. Overboxes

Rain and Meso join Alby and DJ to race Hot Wheels cars while opening Overwatch boxes on the Steam Direct Road to E3. Send us emails: Romsbag@gmail.com News this Week: E3 will be open to the public this year Hot Wheels is coming to Rocket League EA granted permission to

69. Teeheehee

In this episode we discuss how free to play games are evil yet  plan how we will spend our money on the Halloween Overwatch skins. We also discuss how the Wii U still has good games and detail if you should play Forza Horizon 3 now. Send us emails: Romsbag@gmail.com

53. The Overwatch Edition

First I want to say sorry about the audio quality, for some reason mumble wanted to record everything starting with a massive noise spike for some reason and there was no easy way for me to remove them. This Week: The crew is missing Thouddin so we draft in special guest